Raven Firearms Training

We are currently scheduling private courses for the Winter, Summer and Fall.  Call or email if you would like to schedule something with us.   Group discounts are available.


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Special 2 Day Concealed Carry Course for beginners

Happening Now

 Providing the premier gun safety and Concealed Carry  training in the NH North Country

 You're driving down to Manchester to pick up someone at the airport, and your car goes off the road in the Notch in bad weather.  Do you have what you need to survive until help arrives?  What if you're at work and the power grid goes down in the middle of the day with no hope of quick repair?  Can you even see where you're going so you can get out of the building?  What do you carry every day?  Your keys?  Wallet?  Money clip?  Pocket lint?  All of the above, if you're like most Americans.  New question:  What should you carry every day?      read more




                          YOUR FAMILY IS WORTH IT.  Be safe, accurate, and secure. 
Learn self defense, concealed carry and firearms safety from certified instructors who have practical experience.  RFT offers safe, tailored, personal instruction for all levels of firearms proficiency.  You won't learn how to shoot three gun matches or IDPA.  You WILL learn the most up to date and effective methods of self defense with the firearms of your choice.  If you have a gun in your home, every family member should know how to safely handle it. 
Thinking of buying a first gun?  Come see us first and try out whatever gun you wish from a wide variety of representative pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  This way you won't be wasting money on a gun you may not like.
Women-only introductory courses offer one-on-one instruction by women instructors in a stress-free setting so you can learn at your own pace, shoot what you like, and then go home and out-shoot the hubby... 
You won't find better quality firearms training anywhere in the North Country, and you won't regret spending a day with us on the range. 
Training is conducted at the Dalton Gang Range in Dalton, NH.