Raven Firearms Training


1911 Armorer/Operatorwith guest instructor Benjamin Dewalt of Onsight Firearms Training

This is a one day course split into two segments.  A portion of the class will be spent in the classroom with Armorer/Instructor Ben Dewalt teaching:  

-1911 development and history
-Parts & Operation
-Cycle Of Operation
-Breakdown / disassembly
-Cleaning, inspection and maintenance
-Function checks
-Proper grip

*OnSight Firearms Training will provide all tools, dummy rounds and cleaning materials needed.

The second portion of the class will be live fire.  This course can be shot from open or concealed carry position.

- Draw and presentation
- malfunction drills type I, II and III

- reloads tactical and speed

- failure drills/make the shot when it counts

- 360 degree shooting

- single handed shooting and sustainment

- positional shooting

- long range shooting

All students must bring:
- 1911 pistol.

- Minimum of 500 rounds of quality ammunition.
- Quality eye and ear protection.
- Three magazines minimum with magazine carriers/pouch, etc.
- Sturdy belt and strong side quality holster.  NO flimsy, dangling or cloth holsters. Leather or Kydex preferred. 
- Notepad and pen for taking notes.

Bring a lunch, snacks, water.  Lunch can be purchased at the Dalton Country Store through RFT if desired.


Basic Defensive Handgun or equivalent training

All citizens wanting to take this class must possess at the time of their registration a valid concealed weapon carry permit from their state of residence.  If your state has no permit, then a letter of reference from your local police chief stating your good intentions and standing under the law will suffice. You are not authorized to receive this training if you have prior felony convictions, history of domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental illness history. This is not an entry level class, prior firearm safety training required. Individual exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the instructor.

Questions & Registration
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