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The following are links to specific equipment manufacturers websites.  We at RFT use this equipment and these resources ourselves, and feel comfortable recommending them to you. Some of this equipment may be found on Amazon or other places for better prices. 

Other resource links

As responsible instructors we believe that shooting is a constantly evolving skill, and there are always new and different ideas out there on how to do things. Also, when you take on the responsibility of carrying or owning firearms, you must be knowledgeable of the different psychological effects that armed confrontations may have on the human mind. The following is a list of books aimed at equipping you with the "tools for your tool box" on different shooting techniques, and information on the effects of confrontations. We offer this list freely in the hopes of broadening your approach to shooting and defensive skills, and with the understanding that there is no "one way to do things." We don't agree with everything taught in every page, but we owe it to you to make you aware of other information available to you. Also, we as instructors, are eternal students, and have read and can recommend these books to you for reference.  We have also included links to some major firearms manufacturers for your convenience. 

Each of the target audiences may require different information, therefore there are two separate lists.  Click on the category that applies to you for the information we feel would be beneficial to you.

There is no substitute for hands-on training. You can't just pick up a book and be an expert. These resources are meant to augment your training and expertise. "Finger straight, and off the trigger..." Happy reading.

Jacques (Jake) Pelletier
Founder and Director of Training, RFT